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St Aloysius' Church, 233 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North

Newman Fellowship


SESSION 3 - 6.30pm, Friday, 15th April 2011

"Our Holy Redeemer, our Lord Jesus Christ"

Reading Material

God, the Redeemer

Jesus' Death as Reconciliation (Atonement) and Salvation

He was crucified, suffered death, and was buried

Jesus - the Only Begotten Son of God


The Catholic Community of Bl. John Henry Newman, based at St Aloysius Church in Caulfield North, is initiating a series of theology and philosophy lectures/discussion-sessions, aimed at providing some serious high-brow theology and philosophy for young people who are interested in learning more about Catholicism from an intellectual perspective.

These sessions take place on the third Friday of each month, beginning on Friday the 18th of February. We begin at 6:30 pm with Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form, followed by supper in the presbytery (a $10 donation is requested).

This is not a 'course' (although you are welcome to view it as such), so you don't have to do homework or assignments, but intelligent discussion is desired. These sessions wil involve some serious learning and exploration of the theology and philosophy of the Catholic faith. The first session will begin with a short presentation about Bl. John Henry Newman, followed by a lecture/discussion about the theology of Revelation, and the relationship between faith and reason.

Other sessions in the future will cover issues such as Trinitarian theology, Christology, moral theology, Catholic social teaching, theological anthropology, the Genesis story and modern science, and anything else which suits the program. .

All discussions will take place from an orthodox and scholastic perspective (something which we can all rely on the priests of St Aloysius Church to provide).

All young people are welcome. Bring your good selves, $10 for dinner, your brains, and a general spirit of inquiry. Feel free to invite anyone who you think would be interested.

Shawn Murphy

For further information, please contact Fr Tattersall at